Community Shop
needs you!

Volunteers are always welcome both in the Shop and behind the scences. Can you help?

Volunteering at Chardstock Community Shop

Help your Shop

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Chardstock Community Shop. They help make the Shop what it is: a big success and a much needed amenity for our village.

Can you join us? New volunteers are always welcome, to work both in the Shop and behind the scenes. Whatever your skills, we need you!

If you can help, in whatever capacity and however much or little, please get in touch. It's a great way to do your bit for the community, learn new skills and make friends!

The benefits of volunteering

Get something back when you volunteer

Volunteering can be an extremely rewarding and enjoyable experience. It's even been proven to be good for your health! Here are our top 10 reasons to volunteer.

  • Meet with people from different walks of life, make new friends and have fun
  • Enhance your CV and get some valuable work experience
  • Feel involved with your local community and make a positive contribution
  • Develop and learn new skills
  • Boost your confidence and challenge yourself
  • Become part of a friendly and dedicated team, who all work for the same common goal
  • an additional sense of purpose
  • Keep yourself active
  • Improve your mental health and wellbeing
  • Provide a valuable service to the village with the Community Shop, and a social hub for people to meet
About volunteering

What's involved?

Volunteering at the Shop is varied. It's not just about serving customers in the Shop.
Many of our volunteers do work in the Shop, usually in 2.5 to 4 hour slots. They serve customers and also lend a hand with other things like stacking the shelves, checking sell-by dates and cleaning.
Others assist with essential tasks behind the scenes. From delivering groceries to customers and collecting stock from our suppliers, to paying bills, managing the payroll, design, branding, marketing, obtaining planning permission, building work, gardening, DIY and photography. The list is endless.
Whatever your skills and experience, we need you. If you can help serve in the Shop, great. But if you'd rather not, please get in touch, we need your skills too.

You make the difference - volunteer now

Your support counts and helps the Shop survive and thrive.
To sign up as a volunteer, or to find out more, just come to see
us in the Shop. Alternatively, call us, email us or message us
on social media.

Last, but most definitely not least

A massive thank you!

To all our existing volunteers

Chardstock Community Shop is very grateful to all its volunteers, in Chardstock and beyond, for their support, expertise and assistance. We really appreciate your hard work and everything that you do. Thank you. The Shop just wouldn't be the same without you.

Stay safe and see you soon